Guest Post Policy

Guest Post inquiries can be sent to:

Requirements for Guest Posts

The articles you submit MUST match the following:

A) Original Content

We run all your submissions through several Plagiarism detectors and reject any plagiarized material.

We reject:

  • Articles published elsewhere (we check)
  • Published articles that have been “spun” (again, we check)
  • An article that was previously published but later unpublished for whatever reason (google cache is great, isn’t it?)

B) Edited Properly

Correct grammatical mistakes, bad flow, and improper format.

We reject:

  • Articles that would otherwise be very interesting but need intensive editing
  •  Articles that don’t have a clear flow or progression of ideas

C) Length

No thin content.

We reject:

  • Articles that are less than 750 words
  • Articles that use “fluff” to make themselves longer

D) Properly Formatted

  • We reject articles will walls of text. Break up your paragraphs into 2-3 sentences max. Use bullet points too.
  • Use headings and subheadings
  • Write like you talk. If you read it out loud and it doesn’t sound like something you would say when talking to a friend, re-write it. It’s the best writing advice you’ll ever get.

E) Links to your site


  • 3 links per guest post. 2 within the article itself, and 1 in your author profile
  • The link may go to your website or blog, but NOT directly to an affiliate website or promotional material

We reject:

  • Affiliate links
  • Links to promotional material

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