Meet the Beatles Family

Hi there, and Welcome to Stacking Pennies.

We are the Beatles family, and we appreciate you stopping by!

This website is where we share our journey toward financial freedom, via Frugal Living and Simple Living.

When we started the frugal lifestyle, we were nearly $50,000 in debt. This was the consequence of living a consumer driven lifestyle that was paid for by credit cards and mass overspending

We were frustrated, constantly behind on bills, and drowning in our habits. That’s when we decided to make a change.

We learned about the frugal lifestyle and decided, “we can do this.”  And we did!

Soon after, we made strides by paying off a few debts and officially starting our new frugal life.

The majority of posts are written by Mr. Beatles (he is the natural writer of the family), but Mrs. Beatles may write something every once in a while. Our names should be under each post so you can tell who is who.

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Thanks again for stopping by and if you need anything, feel free to contact us.

-The Beatles Family