30 Days Until Financial Freedom

Only 30 more days until we close on our rental property and receive the much-needed funds to pay off the entirety of our debts. Financial freedom.

We have $10k in debt to pay off, and if your memory is good, you may remember that in last months post I said that we have $11k  in debt to pay off, so something must have changed.

That *something* is that we paid off two more credit cards! CC3 and CC4 on our chart are now paid off. They added up to a little under $1,000.

And before I start getting emails and comments – YES – I know that we paid off a credit card that has only a 10.23% interest rate, even though we had others with significantly higher interest rates.

To me, knocking off two debts, rather than one and a half, was a mental boost that was sorely needed right now.

One more hurdle until financial freedom

Well, more like a couple more hurdles.

First, we need the roof fixed. Thankfully, the workers started repairing the roof a couple of days ago. Not so fortunately,  it has gone slower than planned, as there were 3 layers of shingles, one more than they expected and planned for.

But as of now, all of the previous shingles are off and the water barrier is down. The roof should be fully done by Sunday.

Second, we need to make sure our tenant gets out of the house. I’m starting to worry a bit, as there hasn’t been much movement on their side (as far as I can see).

They did ask for a good reference last week, but I haven’t heard anything since and no one has called me.

We also have not received the month’s rent check. I suppose they feel they don’t have to pay because they are moving out?

I’m not sure whether we should push this or not?



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